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it returns

2008-11-19 10:49:35 by GodForsakenSoul

my will to flash (make flashes, not show ass/penis to people) is returning.
expect... stuff.... lfc 4 maybe?

new computer

2008-08-23 12:14:10 by GodForsakenSoul

i pretty much abandoned flash since i found out i have enough to buy myself a new computer.
now, the computer should be arriving in 2-3 days. (i hope)
also... comments are nice.

No time at all >_<

2008-07-25 10:20:10 by GodForsakenSoul

Thanks to an unfortunate turn of events, i had to get a job and now i have very little time for flash.
I still AM working on flash, more specifically, on LFC episode 4.
I forgot what i wanted to make because i didn't make a script xD
i DO have a script for LFC 4 though, so i'm working on that instead.
so, unlike i promised hell knows when, LFC4 is coming out real soon.

LFC 3 is complete!

2008-04-21 04:28:29 by GodForsakenSoul

The third installment to the little fighter chronicles is out. I tried some new way of animating, which left me very very tired. ._.
So, to take a break of the LFC series i'm going to spawn something other. expect a refreshing (from my previous work at least) flash next time. :P

LFC3 is in production!!!

2008-01-30 13:39:15 by GodForsakenSoul

that pretty much sums it up.

LFC2 almost complete

2008-01-20 05:16:12 by GodForsakenSoul

The second episode of LFC is almost complete.
I think it'll be released today. All i have left is to add some SFX and one last scene.
However, due to fact it has no music, i'll be adding some bloopers to try and compensate for this.


LFC2 - production halted

2008-01-07 05:31:53 by GodForsakenSoul

i got some new video games. and, flash is being retarded.
theese two facts combined spawned the decision of putting the production of the second LFC chapter on a small pause. =P


hooray for movie 2

2007-12-05 15:41:53 by GodForsakenSoul

i think i'll keep a journal on how many movies and stuff i made. XD
this one actually kept me so obsessed i couldn't do anything else before i finished it.
i kinda hope it passes judgement. i think it was pretty cool, despite the million things i could have done thousand times better.

but meh... i think the story is pretty cool. it's occupying my mind since i started it. i keep thinking on how i should evolve it next and worrying whether it survives the many waves of anti sprite nazis.
the only thing that keeps me sane is that i believe that it's infact better then the first one.

untill next time


New Newgrounds artist.

2007-11-29 10:29:08 by GodForsakenSoul

Hey guys, girls and whatever alien species that decides to read my little newgrounds profile.
I should have done this when i first signed up but i decided not to for some reason.

So basicly you'll have another spriter on your hands people... cause that's what i'm going to be. and nothing, except sudden enhancment of my drawing skills will make me change my mind.
I hope you enjoy my stuff as much as I enjoy making them. Though... after a while... all I see is the flaws... so a little comment would cheer me up. :P
And by that I don't mean I want "OMGZZZZ U R TEH AWESUM!!!! LOLOLOL" or some shit like that but actual CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISIZM (never, even to save my life, i'll be able to figure out the proper spelling of this damned word...)